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This is the home page of Peter Cherepanov. I'm a high school student interested in math, science, and programming.

Imagine that you are living in the town of Springfield and attend an ordinary school. The school offers an elective math class for those who "are interested in math or need extra practice". Somehow, you do not find this class particularly attractive.

My pages will be focused on some serious fun that one can have at home or online.

This is a personal wiki, but corrections to the style or grammar, as well as contributions to the literary or technical pages, are welcome. Unfortunately, automatic account creation is disabled now due to spam and vandalism. To get an account you need to email me a well written essay that explains why you want to have writing privileges.

A Good Day

Why are you so drowsy? Find a few limits and get brisk for the rest of the day.

  • Math gets really hard when the numbers are gone.
  • Physics is a science about nature. Can you study it without going to the country?
  • Laugh break: the words I've heard ... or said.
  • Programs: you can program FORTRAN in any language.
  • It's not a bug, it's a feature.
  • Idiotheca: I hope you understand that this goes on your permanent record.
  • One man's literature is another man's evidence.
  • Contacts: if it cannot be said in ASCII, it's not worth saying.
  • Links: the choice of a new generation.

The day is over. Sheep are for weenies; instead, sum a series!

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