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I haven't yet written enough programs to justify hosting a bug tracker. Please send me your complains or comments by email. Instead, here are some photographs of real insects.

Cicindelinae = Cicindela?


Most nature enthusiasts know about tiger beetles. Even those who do not know them by name have probably seen them buzz away from under your feet like green flies and land back on the trail ten paces ahead.

Tiger beetles belong to the subfamily Cicindelinae in the ground beetles family. Identifying them is easy. If their antennae are attached to their forehead, then they are Cicindela. Now one merely has to count the bristles and stripes. But are there any other Cicindelinae besides Cicindela?

In southern Pennsylvania you can find quite a large beetle, which often runs around in the circle of light under a street lamp. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present to you Tetracha virginica.