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  • The tricks on the blackboard are performed by a professional mathematician. Don't try to repeat them at the test.

Life Sciences

  • Let's pray that science wins out over superstition.
  • If you cannot identify a beetle even to a family, most likely, it's a darkling beetle. -- O. L. Kryzhanovsky
  • A true bug is a kind of rectangular beetle. -- exam answer
  • By the grooves on the claws one knows the lion (Panthera leo (Linnaeus, 1758)). -- taxonomic truism.
  • What is a scientific name of a fried cockroach ? A grylloblattidae.
  • Made on a plant that handles real chocolate. -- American candy bar label.
  • For every shit there is a dung beetle.

Strategic Thoughts

  • The observational vehicle is sent forward to the distance of visual memory.
  • When you talk with a superior you must SHUT UP!
  • Report - all or not all. Not alls will be reprimanded.
  • A steering wheel helps to turn left, right, and other directions.
  • Why do you keep dumbbells in your nightstand? Wanna feed mice?
  • After the shooting exercise, weapons and munitions should be brought into the original order.
  • When your commander says "ferret", there may be no dormice.
  • Attack signal: three green whistles.
  • You're a cadet or where? You're in line or who? Shut up, I ask you.
  • The atomic nucleus consists of blue neutrons and red protons.
  • What a swine has been here; a cow, perhaps.
  • They'll take you to the field, make you face the wall, and shoot you in the forehead.
  • You live here like pigs in a den.
  • An elevator doesn't lift down.
  • You need to remember this by heart like Abramowitz and Stegun.


  • Psst, quickly tell me, what The Forsyte Saga is about.
  • Moby-****; or, The Whale -- censored by an American educational site.
  • A new Tolkien trilogy: 1. The Lord of the Rings. 2. The Lord of the Groups. Abelian Group. 3. The Lord of the Fields. Roots of Unity.